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From: Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2014 21:38
Subject:Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review Offer of Publication

Dear Mr. Bradford,

The Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review (NILR) hereby offers to publish your article, Trahison des Professeurs: The Critical Law of War Academy as an Islamist Fifth Column,” in its forthcoming spring issue.

On behalf of the Law Review, we would like to commend your work. The topic of your paper lies at the intersection of law, history, and international relations, making a thorough and persuasive contribution to the interdisciplinary study of law.

Your piece diligently analyses the history, present dynamics, and American understandings of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The beginning of the paper disabuses readers of many myths regarding ISIS, while still providing a remarkable history of American war. In particular, your arguments about the psychological battles both against our enemies and within ourselves are engaging and enlightening, from Vietnam to global jihad. Next, the paper could stand on its own simply with your documentation of CLOACA PSYOPs attacks. This section alone is crucial reading for anyone interested in American foreign policy. Yet your paper asks why as well. Section II marshals deeply interesting contentions about the motivations of the attacks on American political will. These arguments are bold, but well researched and thoroughly informative. Finally, your recommendations for the war against ISIS range broadly in their conventionality, but like the rest of the paper are amply supported by logic and evidence. Additionally, we would like to commend your tone throughout the paper. The topic and arguments presented are enormously controversial (falsely, perhaps, as you point out in section II), but the piece is rigorous and even-handed. We would be happy to feature your work in our journal. I hope that readers across every discipline read this paper, and I know that it will spur much future research on ISIS and international law.

As an interdisciplinary journal, the NILR’s editorial board is particularly interested in publishing work that weaves together legal, political, and policy-oriented analyses. In the past, our journal has featured contributions from a wide variety of political thinkers, including Alan Dershowitz, Theodore Sorensen, Louis Wolcher, and Lawrence Friedman, among other scholars, students, and practitioners. Our mission is to provide a platform for new ideas and accessible debate on questions at the nexus of law and the humanities, law and the sciences, and law and society.

We hope that you will consider our offer and respond before November 14th, 2014. If you require more time to consider this offer or have any questions, please contact us at

Joe Eichenbaum
Editor-in-Chief, Vol. VIII

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