Dr. William C. Bradford’s Cyber Burned Article, “Trahison des Professeurs: The Critical Law of Armed Conflict Academy as an Islamist Fifth Column,” 3 NAT’L SEC. L.J. 278 (2015).

In August 2015, President Obama fired Dr. Bradford from his position at the United States Military Academy for his ongoing research into the increasing risk of a U.S. military coup as well as an article published and later cyber burned by the National Security Law Journal. Dr. Bradford’s article, which explains how and why leftist and Islamophilic law of war professors undermine U.S. military effectiveness and erode the willingness of Americans to fight radical Islam, can be downloaded here:

3_NatlSecLJ_278-461_Bradford1 (1)

Islamist extremists allege law of war violations against the
United States to undermine American legitimacy, convince
Americans that the United States is an evil regime fighting an illegal
and immoral war against Islam, and destroy the political will of the
American people. Yet these extremists’ own capacity to substantiate
their claims is inferior to that of a critical cadre of American law of
armed conflict academics whose scholarship and advocacy constitute
information warfare that tilts the battlefield against U.S. forces.
These academics argue that the Islamist jihad is a response to valid
grievances against U.S. foreign policy, that civilian casualties and
Abu Ghraib prove the injustice of the U.S. cause, that military action
is an aggressive over-reaction, and that the United States is engaged
in war crimes that breed terrorists, threaten the rule-of-law, and
make us less safe. Rather than lending their prodigious talents to the
service of their nation, these legal academics, for reasons ranging
from the benign to the malignant, have mustered into the Islamist
order of battle to direct their legal expertise against American
military forces and American political will. This psychological
warfare by American elites against their own people is celebrated by
Islamists as a portent of U.S. weakness and the coming triumph of
Islamism over the West.