Purpose of this Website

This website was created in part to counter politically-motivated smears propagated by leftist critics. Sources including Wikipedia have been used to magnify lies told about me in an attempt to damage my character and exclude me from public life.

Wikipedia in particular is wildly inaccurate, and even acknowledges that it is an unreliable source, especially in respect to biographies of living persons:


and its entry about me is nothing more than a collective smear by liberal lynch mobs recycling old disproven lies, inventing new ones, misrepresenting me, attributing statements and actions to me that not only did I never say nor do but no one has ever actually accused me of saying or doing, leaving out relevant facts, and decontextualizing matters to deliberately mislead, and otherwise doing everything they can to make me an “unperson.”

Contrary to false allegations in Wikipedia and other liberal hit pieces, and motivated articles by gossip columnists, I have never claimed any military status or decoration I have not earned, and thus there is not and can be no evidence that I have done so.  This fact has been investigated and confirmed by a host of U.S. government departments and agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Energy, and West Point, among others.  I was reappointed a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army as a military police officer in 2009.  I taught at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy from 2011 to 2013.  I served as an Associate Professor of Security, Strategy, and Law at the U.S. National Defense University with a dual-hat appointment at the UAE National Defense College from 2013 to 2015.

Like Lieutenant Colonel Matt Dooley from another Department of Defense professional military school in 2011, I was fired–I did not resign–in 2015 from West Point on orders coming down through the Department of Defense.  The reason was the political incorrectness of my academic articles and, in particular, my anticipation that Obama, working through law enforcement and the com community, would launch a soft coup against President Trump.

Over the past fifteen years I have been the repeated subject of fake news attacks, by media outlets domestic and foreign, as have many other conservatives, because when the left cannot counter a conservative message they can only then either (1) kill the messenger, (2) call the messenger a liar, or (3) call the messenger crazy.  In my case, the purveyors of fake news, working in concert with my political opponents, have effectively attempted to do all three.

Well, I’m not crazy, nor am I a liar, nor am I dead.  The remarkable thing about smear sites like Wikipedia is that they are as far-left dominated as mainstream news organizations, and seeking corrective justice within is, for a conservative, impossible.  No amount of objective evidence contrary to the false claims made on that site about me has ever led to a retraction or a change despite repeated requests; rather, it has served only to fuel others to sweep up other “sources” that have cited other inaccurate sources back and forth.

Disproving a negative is generally impossible, but the entirety of a record should establish the null hypothesis to a reasonable degree of certainty. I ask only for the application of logic and reason divorced from political bias and free from the looming spectre of the cold civil war that seems to draw ever nearer.

I draw your attention to my induction papers as an Associate Professor at the NESA’s National Defense University, my reappointment into the US Army, and my published articles–academic as well as those published in the Washington Times CDN (all are found on this website).

I transgress the boundaries of what the Left will allow to be said and I suffer their reprisals because I care more about the country, the American people, our armed forces, and the future of our nation than I do about what might become of me as a professor and scholar.  Only if enough academics have the courage to cross those boundaries and speak the truth can America and Americans hope to regain and preserve our freedom.

The past is prologue.  I hate Big Brother, and 2 + 2 will always equal 4. Wikipedia is unable to get even the most basic of facts correct – I was born in 1966, not 1964. I am a Chiricahua Apache of the Cochonen band. I am not Jewish. Obama was a “creampuff” because I thought he was a weak leader, in my opinion; not because he was a gay leader.


Dr. Bradford’s body of published articles, which have been downloaded over 10,000 times, places him within the top 1% of authors in law, social science, and business, in the all-time rankings of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Dr. William C. “Brute” Bradford, PhD (Northwestern), LLM (Harvard), MBA (University of Florida) is a strategist and consultant in the fields of national security, defense, counterterrorism, and the law of armed conflict. He previously served as the Director of Indian Energy in the US Department of Energy under President Trump. He is Attorney General of the Chiricahua Apache Nation, a former intelligence and military police officer, and a legal academic with more than 30 published articles on international law, strategy, counterterrorism, irregular warfare, diplomacy, and Native American affairs.  He has earned seven eagle feathers from the Chiricahua Apache Nation for service to his tribe. 

Attorney General Dr. Bradford convening with the Council of the Chiricahua Apache Nation in Silver City, New Mexico


In Dr. Bradford’s 25 years in academia, the military, and federal, state and tribal government, he’s developed real-world, policy-relevant experience across the domains of national security, military strategy, foreign policy, international law, Middle East and GCC politics, and Native American affairs. Dr. Bradford has delivered legal, military, and foreign policy advice to senior military and civilian leaders in the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, led his tribe as chief law enforcement officer, and taught strategy, international law, intelligence, economics, and diplomacy to senior officials at the National Defense University and the National Defense College of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, where he lived and worked for two years.  He’s held a TS/SCI clearance for 25 years and has extensive interagency experience.

Dr. Bradford teaching stategy to senior civilian and military officials of the government of the United Arab Emirates, National Defense College, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. Bradford is an internationally recognized scholar in the law of armed conflict, irregular and unconventional war, counterterrorism, homeland security, Middle East affairs, diplomacy, and Native American law and policy. He has shared his expertise with civilian and military audiences at universities, think tanks, and other public forums, and has been a commentator in U.S. and foreign media.

Dr. Bradford published a seminal article on fighting Da’esh/ISIS in the National Security Law Journal, which explains how and why law of war professors undermine U.S. military effectiveness and erode the political will of Americans and their allies to fight against a common enemy.  The article, Trahison des Professeurs: The Critical Law of Armed Conflict Academy as an Islamist Fifth Column, can be downloaded here: 3_NatlSecLJ_278-461_Bradford1 (1)

The existential threat of Da’esh/ISIS, the structural problems in the U.S. political economy, the path to American Indian sovereignty and prosperity, and the causes and consequences of the erosion of traditional  moral values form the basis of his research, scholarship, and advocacy.  Dr. Bradford wrote for Communities Digital News (the Washington Times digital Op-Ed platform) http://www.commdiginews.com under the column  “Brute Strength”   as William Brute Bradford. http://www.commdiginews.com/author/william-brute-bradford/

Dr. Bradford is married and has five children. He enjoys cooking, writing, reading, traveling, weight lifting, piano, singing, and playing with Gunnar, his great dane.

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